Organic Farm in Vermont
“Grazing planning is a great way to ‘enter the mind of the land’….we approach it like a game of biological chess in which everyone wins.”

— Abe Collins, Cimarron Farm, Swanton, VT

The Farm

Maplewood Organics ~ A Noël Family Farm Since 1972
Conserved in 1995 with the Vermont Land Trust, this 300-acre certified organic farm in Highgate, Vermont is home to Hannah and Eric Noël’s Galloway beef herd and vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The farm was operated as a dairy until 1999 by Eric’s parents, Richard and Maggie Noël. Eric and Hannah assumed management of the farm in 2003.

Certified Organic Since 2007
Maplewood Organics is certified organic through NOFA’s Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certification program. To qualify, farms must go through a rigorous annual application and inspection process. When buying certified organic, you can be sure that your food is free of added chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.

An Eco-Farm ~ High Density Holistic Planned Grazing
Trained in Holistic Management Planned Grazing by his local farm mentor and certified instructor Abe Collins of Cimarron Farm in Swanton, VT, Eric practices grazing planning to maximize animal and pasture performance. Designed to follow nature, high density planned grazing or mob grazing increases the number of animals per acre while decreasing the time spent in any one area, allowing the grass to fully recover between grazing periods.

Holistic Planned Grazing practices result in improved:

  • Pasture forage volume, nutrient content and water holding capacity.
  • Soil Structure, drought resistance and microbiology.
  • Nutrient availability and forage quality leading to healthy, fast gaining high quality beef.
  • Water absorption, resulting in decreased run off and erosion.